The criteria are pretty simple. You have to be at least 21+ years old, have a valid drivers license and at least two years experience driving, and you can’t have been convicted of any serious driving offences, including (WARNING: these are a little scary): a speeding conviction surpassing 24 km/h above the legal speeding limit, driving under the influence of alcohol, manslaughter due to negligent driving, abandoning the scene of an accident, driving with a revoked license, vehicular homicide, failure to stop your car at a train crossing after the barrier comes down or when a train is heard/seen to be approaching.

We love pets. Unfortunately though, they’re not yet allowed in the vehicles. Our cars are supposed to be for everyone and since some people have pet allergies, we can’t allow our customers to take pets in the vehicles. But don’t worry - we’re working on designating a few cars as “pet-friendly” and when it happens, we promise to let you know!

New drivers unfortunately can’t sign up for our service. As soon as you’re at least 21 years old and you’ve had a driver’s license for at least two years, we’d love to have you.

Over 21 years old and been driving for over two years? You are good to go - COME JOIN US!

We take care of the gas, you take care of the driving. In order to be able to drive and keep your mind free of worry, all of our cars are outfitted with automatic systems that let us know when the tank is low and we make sure to get it filled.

Your subscription is yours and yours alone. But she’s invited to sign up herself, or join as a registered driver under your membership.

Taking care of the environment is important to us, but Israel’s electric car infrastructure still isn’t quite ready for us. We checked it out and we decided that our first priority is to make the service available to residents and keep our options open for when there are enough electric vehicles and charging stations to turn our fleet electric.

The AutoTel service allows subscribers to pick up a car from one place and drop it somewhere else entirely (with free parking in a vast range of reserved spots throughout the city, as well as in “blue and white” parking spots), while Car2Go requires that you return the car to where you took it from. Also, the pricing system is different – with AutoTel, customers pay per minute while with Car2Go, the payment is both by the hour and by the distance. This next table shows the main differences:

AutoTel Car2Go Rental
Distances Short-Intermediate Intermediate-Long Long
Trip End At a different place than where you started. At the same place you started At one of the company’s lots
Monthly Cost Subscription fee and cost per minute of driving Subscription fee and cost per hour Daily cost
Parking Free in any of the 520 reserved parking spots throughout the city as well as in any blue and white parking spot Free at the car’s designated parking spot from where you took the car Pay for parking

The availability of the vehicles is dynamic and the parking spots are distributed throughout the city as evenly as possible. Part of the pilot’s objectives were to measure the usage patterns and peak hours at which the vehicles are used the most and based on evaluation of those patterns in successful car sharing programs in other cities around the world, we found that there is a balance in vehicle transfer. For example, one person might need to get from their apartment on Rothschild to the central train station and 20 minutes later, another might use the same car to get from the central train station to Rothschild. So it balances out =]

Subscribers will receive a smart card. Just place the smart card on the window of the reserved vehicle and the doors will open. If you forgot your card at home, no worries. You can open the doors using the mobile app.

First of all, it’s important to drive carefully. If you were in an accident, we understand. It happens. We’re prepared to help you handle the situation. All you need to do is report the accident to our customer service center, fill out an accident report form and we’ll take care of all the rest. Also, you can purchase insurance that covers all deductibles.

Before you start driving, all subscribers need to check the vehicle for damage. Just walk around the car and if the car is fine, you can get in and drive. If not, simply report to us via the app or in-vehicle touch screen, and we'll handle the rest.

Unfortunately, AutoTel vehicles are not allowed to ride the public transportation lanes at the moment.
Furthermore, the police and local authorities have initiated a massive enforcement boost on this matter, making sure only busses and taxis will ride them – so take that in consideration.

We’re not taking the parking spots. Quite the opposite! If more and more people use AutoTel and public transportation, there won’t be any shortage of parking because fewer people will own cars. We consulted with urban planners and additional specialists in order to determine exactly how many spots we need to make sure that there are still enough for all the other cars in the city. Anyway – owning your own car is so last year. Take us for a ride and you’ll understand =]

We have a map showing all of the available parking spots throughout the city as well as all of the available vehicles. You can see it in our app and on our website. Also, when you look for a dedicated parking spot, the app will show you a list of empty spots. Of course, you can also park in any available blue and white spot you find.

Totally. Our cars are registered for the Pango parking payment service so you can park in any legal parking spot outside of Tel Aviv as well. It’s important to remember that the cost will be added to the cost of your trip and that you can’t end your trip outside of Tel Aviv-Yaffo. If you have a short meeting or a quick errand to run, though, put on the “Stopover” feature and Pango and when you come back to the car and when you come back to the car you can drive back to Tel Aviv and end your trip there.

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